We responsibly recycle


electrical and electronic waste


The National Electric and Electronic Recycling Center Association started the national campaign for the collection of electrical and electronic waste, with the support of over 20 participating town halls.

Campania de colectare  ”Haideee să fim ECO” are drept obiective creșterea nivelului de informare și conștientizare a populației cu privire la importanța colectării selective a deșeurilor electrice în vederea reciclării acestora, precum și creșterea cantităților de deșeuri colectate de la populație cu scopul îndeplinirii obiectivelor prevăzute de OUG nr. 5/2015.

We support innovation in the field of recycling

We are one of the main associations in Romania that support the recycling of electronic and electrical waste, from both domestic and industrial sources.

We maintain some of the highest standards in procedures, collection and recycling techniques, as well as in business relationships with our partners.

We promote the legal framework

We are committed to bringing the European legal framework to the forefront in all our efforts so that our actions are always based on the directives and rules applied in civilized countries in terms of recycling electronic and electrical waste.

We offer services to European standards

We are committed to operate in a responsible manner both for the environment and for our partners. Responsibility, fairness and a vision for a better future are at the heart of the actions we take.

We support fair prices

Because everything we do is based on a partnership, we are the main promoters of a correct, transparent, and fair pricing system, so that the results for the community and the environment are based on a business relationship based on trust and professionalism.

“We strongly believe in values that only personal example can transmit so that in everything we do we wish to shape a better future.”

- Sorin, CEO Association CNREE



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