,,HaiDEEE să fim Eco la Mega Mall!’’

The National Electric and Electronic Recycling Center Association, together with Mega Mall Bucharest and Rematholding - celebrate World Environment Day through an information, education and awareness action for the general public, aimed at providing information about the collection and recycling of used electrical and household appliances and became waste.

Află mai multe informații despre the initiative here.

Rabla for home appliances - first day of registration

The first Rabla session for Home Appliances 2022 was opened on Friday, at 10.00, and individuals have 7 days to register in the program by creating a user account in the computer application.

According to Environmental Fund Administration, the 2022 budget for changing appliances is 100 million lei, 25 million higher than last year, and will cover the two sessions of the program.

Find out more on the blog - Rabla for home appliances - first day of registration

Initiative #MaiPuținăRisipă

We are concerned with the methods by which we can save the planet step by step, without radical changes. That's why we launched the #MaiPuținăRisipă initiative, which aims to collaborate with key players in the food and hospitality industry and comes up with specific solutions for Reducing Food Waste in every kitchen. Because small changes bring big benefits. Find out more about the initiative here.

Earth Day April 22, 2022

The National Center for Electrical and Electronics Recycling Association has been involved this year in the fight against climate change by organizing an event on the platform offered by EarthDay2022. The purpose of the event was to disseminate information on options for preventing and reducing #FoodWaste, and to encourage others to get involved, either through personal actions or through donations to organizations that deal with various actions to clean the planet, recycling, tree planting, etc. See Earth Day events..