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The CNREE Association provides EEE users with the only network with national coverage, with permanent collection centers and points that operate at European standards and also provide free WEEE collection services. Map of collection points and additional information on the activity can be found in the section for National collection points (hyperlink)

The collection and recycling of WEEE is a mandatory responsibility and at the same time assumed by producers, importers and companies that sell electrical and electronic products, and is actively supported by partnerships with the most important operators in Romania.

We are proud of our partners, European renowned companies, certified and audited periodically according to the WEEE Labex standard..

The achievement of the recovery performance of electrical waste is guaranteed starting from a system for ensuring the traceability of WEEE from waste generators to the final recipients of the fractions resulting from their treatment. The process quality management system, the technical endowments with the most modern recycling installations are the essential attributes of the facilities in operation by Remat Holding and Green WEEE which have committed themselves at management level in applying the performance principles in the collection activity, transport and recycling of WEEE.

By accessing the partner sites you can discover interesting details about the complex recycling processes that used products and waste electrical and electronic equipment undergo




We aim to expand and permanently improve the services offered. If you are interested in concluding a partnership on the provision of services for the collection / transport / recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) you can contact us by e-mail office@cnree.ro, or by filling out the form below.

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